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Fixtures, Inventory for Sale

I am convinced that even though the trending is continuing away from brick and mortar Christian bookstores, they will always exist. It just might be in different forms, and the people who were combining coffee bars with bookshelves may have actually been setting the tone for what is needed moving forward.

I currently own two stores. One is setting record high sales levels, the other record low sales levels. Similar markets. Similar inventory. My Cobourg, Ontario store is cramped and crowded with product, but people — though not everybody — seem to like shopping there. Our Brockville, Ontario store I think has viability provided (a) it transfers to local ownership and (b) it becomes a social ‘hub’ for the Christian community with the addition of coffee, tea, juice, muffins and sandwiches.

We’ve kept Brockville open all year partly as a mission and partly because I just didn’t hear God telling me it was time to walk away. But we can’t sustain the expense through 2013. It’s been probably the world’s longest going-out-of-business sale, mostly because I kept hoping it wasn’t closing down.

But now we need to sell the fixtures or find a buyer in the next 30 days. They’re nice fixtures. The inventory is mostly red-tagged sale items which we’re prepared to let go at 60% off the lowest marked price if someone takes it all. It’s mostly books and Bibles; we’ve run out just about everything else.

I know this blog is read by people who have an interest in the industry but are not presently involved. Here’s your chance to jump in with both feet. Relocating the Brockville store to Ajax-Pickering, Oshawa, or Peterborough would also make a lot of sense. These are markets where a Christian retail presence is greatly missed. Here’s a chance to own a start-up inventory and some great retail shelving in turn-key condition; plus we’ll hold your hand as you get started for as long as you need.

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