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Critics Continue to Run Amok

I always find it deeply disturbing when a magazine like Christianity Today can’t find a top dozen Christmas albums within the confines of Christian music and has to show its esotericism and eclecticism by recommending the likes of Cee-Lo Green. So here we have another list from them for 2012 which is, I’m sure, musically hip but probably spiritually lame.

  1. Josh Wilson – Noel
  2. Tracy Thorn – Tinsel and Lights
  3. Celtic Woman – Home for Christmas
  4. Mandisa – It’s Christmas: Christmas Angel Edition
  5. Jason Gray – Christmas Stories
  6. Jill Tracey – Silver Smoke, Star of Light
  7. KEM – What Christmas Means
  8. August Burns Red – Sleddin’ Hill
  9. Francesca Battistelli – Christmas
  10. The Polyphonic Spree – Holidaydream
  11. Stephen Curtis Chapman – Joy
  12. Cee-Lo Green – Magic Moment

In an ‘also-ran’ list of five more, Canada’s Steve Bell gets a nod, albeit after one for Rod Stewart. Sigh!

We live in a world where integrated music companies can see the crossover potential of sales from one environment to another; so I think we can safely say that if the powers that be thought the titles on this list that are foreign to most of us should have been offered in the Christian bookstore environment — and/or its online counterpart — they would have been.

I’ll stick with my Steven Curtis Chapman, thank you.


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