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How We Got a Book Back in Print

We did it!

Back in June, I wrote about our efforts to get Powerlines, a book by Leona Frances Choy about what classic Christian writers and preachers believed about The Holy Spirit returned to print. I figured, if I had a dozen customers who wanted this book in my teeny, tiny corner of the market, there must be other people out there who want it to. So I turned a fairly routine request for an O/P title into an obsession.

Now it’s up to you to prove me right by giving some prime display space to this title.

Dozens of emails later, and amid problems with file conversions, the book is back under the title, The Life Changing Power of The Holy Spirit: Insights From Classic Christian Leaders. The publisher description reads, “The unique interview style of this book puts the views on the Holy Spirit held by great men and women of faith into easy-to-understand segments.”

It was in stock at Send The Light until I cleaned them out just now, and there are presently minimal copies on order at Ingram. (I couldn’t risk posting this until after my order went through!)

But demand levels for this book are about to change. Are you with me?  The ISBN-13 is 9781600661556 and the retail price is $14.99 US.

One of the people waiting for this book is me. I was loaned a copy of it years ago. Today, with books like Francis Chan’s Forgotten God and various Jim Cymbala titles such as Spirit Rising being immensely popular, there seems to be a hunger for people wanting to understand the role of the “third person of the trinity” in their lives.

I get no commission or kickback from promoting this; but I’m willing to bet that given the right amount of display space, you will do re-orders on this title.

And it was great to see a smaller market store be influential in getting a title back to press.

  1. Jack
    October 4, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    I ordered a copy for the store. Thanks Paul!

  2. October 5, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    ordered one!

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