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Canadian-Interest Title Lost in Secondary Tier

Well, it took about ten months, but today I learned about a book title that has its roots in my summer alma mater, Muskoka Woods Sports Resort (MWSR) in the heart of Ontario. The book didn’t get promotion because it was relegated to the secondary tier of Thomas Nelson’s print-on-demand Westbow Press imprint; but really, with a strong Canadian angle, there should have at least been some minimal marketing on this side of the border.  Elastic Morality: Leading Young Adults in Our Age of Acceptance is written by Chris Tompkins, Don Posterski and John McAuley.  McAuley is CEO of the large Christian camp, Tompkins is Executive Director and Posterski is highly regarded in Canada for his many books and his years with Inter-Varsity.  I really shouldn’t be finding out about this book this late in the game.

There’s no publisher marketing info at Ingram at all, but Wendy Gritter at New Direction Ministries shared this in a recent newsletter:

Canadian leaders connected with Muskoka Woods, share their findings and insights about the values of this current generation. They say, “Regardless of age, gender or church affiliation, 90% of young adults say that accepting people is more important than agreeing with them.” The authors go on to encourage leaders to learn new and innovative ways of discipling this generation towards consequential faith. I recommend that anyone involved in the lives of youth and young adults take the time to read this helpful book.

9781449728922 paper $14.99 US

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