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Losing Affection for Authors Who Desert Print

Okay, I can visualize the comments already.  I’m being (a) vengeful (b) punitive (c) petty (d) not very Christ-like.  But I am human.

I rarely follow through on these things anyway, but when a successful author in our industry elects not to publish their last three titles in print form, it makes me want to discontinue all their existing print items from my store.  Of course, I never make good on that threat, but you can bet the situation tempers my orders.

This time it’s Frank Viola with a book I would like to both carry in my store and read for myself, since I like(d) what he has to say about the church, both present and future.

I left a comment on his post, but he deflected it by telling me that I simply need to download the .pdf version, and then I don’t need a Kindle or a Nook, adding, “You can easily print it out on a printer. I do that when I really want to read an eBook.” Well there’s a problem, don’t you think? Also, it’s equivalent to 110 pages.

I respect his writing enough that I’m willing to devote shelf space to more of it in an already crowded living room. But does he respect the industry which gave him his present platform? And doesn’t this seriously skew his potential demographics? Furthermore, isn’t this the type of situation for which print-on-demand was supposed to be the solution? We have perfected that technology, right? So many reasons why this seems a rather poor decision.

Maybe it’s just the frustration talking. Yeah, add that one: (e) frustrated.

The book will remain unnamed here, but you can read more at his blog.

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