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Christian Advance Online Catalog Offers Wide Range of Titles

Chances are that each time you log in to iPage, you have no idea you’re zooming by a marketing tool that can introduce you to a range of titles from both mainstream Christian publishers and smaller Christian independent publishers.

The online version of Christian Advance is accessed from the main page, but you would need to scroll down to the bottom in order to know it exists.

Just click on Christian Advance (circled in red in the screenshot at left) and you’ll be presented with links to eighteen subcategories. Some contain only five or six titles, but others like “Featured Title” contain over 200. You can hover your mouse the stock check tabs just as you do with other Ingram/Spring Arbor pages.  Because independent publishers and print-on-demand titles share space with top titles from Zondervan, Nelson, Harvest House and Baker, discounts on product vary considerably. All the core information you would expect to find on the regular product page are here, except for page counts.

The advantage here is that buyers for different sections can browse for titles they may have missed; while in a smaller store environment, managers can study all the various categories in under half an hour. This tool is also useful if you need to add additional quantities to make order minimums.

I found the listings to be a mix of recently received titles and some that are still forthcoming, and did in fact discover a few things I didn’t realize were releasing.

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