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Publisher Families Lose Homes in Wildfires

On June 28th, last Friday, I reported on the damage done by the wildfires burning in Colorado Springs  to this summer’s program at Eagle Lake, a Christian camp operated by the Navigators. We later learned that at least one person with the organization had lost their home, though I don’t know if they worked for NavPress, or the parent organization.

It’s devastating to see the notification on the Eagle Lake website, which I reproduced in my Friday story, but I was wearing my Christian camping hat at that moment, so it took a story today in Christian Retailing to remind me of some of the publishers we deal with who are also based in Colorado Springs:

  • NavPress
  • David C. Cook
  • Focus on the Family
  • Waterbrook/Multnomah

The article notes the following:

  • NavPress’ Facebook page:  “While many of our losses will be covered by insurance, we anticipate uncovered needs among our staff and impacted facilities, including some whose homes have been lost. We have established a special fund to help us respond quickly to the needs created by this crisis.
  • David C Cook Senior Publicity Manager Lisa Beech told Christian Retailing that two Cook employees lost their homes and nine others were evacuated. 
  • WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group President Steve Cobb said four staff members were evacuated from their homes. “One lives in the neighborhood most directly devastated by the fire,” he said. “At this moment, it is believed that her house survived, but she does not yet know if it is inhabitable.

These stories follow hard on the heels of a seemingly endless litany of weather disaster stories in the United States over the past 3-4 years. Pray for the affected employees from various publishing companies, for the community of Colorado Springs as a whole, and for God in his mercy to grant the U.S. a period of relief from weather-related calamities.

CR Story Link

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