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Being Part of the Mission of Local Churches: Survey

Store owners and managers: Curious to know, are any of you part of the local ministerial association where your store is located? Have you ever been invited to make a presentation? Leave your answer in the comments section.

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  1. Alice
    May 30, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Hi Paul
    Our owner, Bob Fitzgibbon, has been involved in both the Aurora and Newmarket Prayer Breakfasts. He has also made connections with many of the local pastors by hand delivering our flyers to them. He also delivers flyers to the local Christian schools who very kindly hand them out to all their students. One of the Christian schools uses us as a fund raiser. We sell the parent association gift certificates to the store. They receive a 10% discount. They then resell these to the parents. They also invite us to do a booktable during their book fair.
    We have also been invited to the Newmarket ministerial to make a presentation. We were very honest with them as to the tough times that we as Christian booksellers are currently facing.
    In the past few months we have been more aware than ever that we need churches supporting us. We, therefore, have made the decision to be as competitive as possible. We try to price match when we can (this sometimes means that both our supplier and ourselves take a bit of a hit on margins) but in order to get the sale we are willing to do that. We recently did a memo to the staff outlining the ‘fine print’ of what it actually costs to have items shipped from Amazon and Christian Book.com and the length of time it takes for them to get this product. We have encouraged staff to be proactive in getting the sale (pulling me in when necessary to do a price search and/or price match). We also ‘talk up’ the benefits of purchasing from us: rush orders (thanks to STL), no shipping costs, we’ll deliver to your church, no-hassle returns, etc.
    Trust this answers your question.
    Be blessed!

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