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Two New Titles From Zondervan

…and they’re both by someone named Joel…

Love Works

Love Wins. Love Does. Love Works. Lots of books right now on the market with titles that will inevitably confuse some. I’m considering writing a set of four: Love Hurts. Love Scars. Love Wounds. Love Mars. But I am digressing big time.

Love Works (subtitle: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders) is most appropriately titled however, because this is a book about going to work, or better yet, taking principles with you to work. The principles are based on the “Love Chapter” in the first few verses of I Corinthians 13.

Author Joel Manby knows these principles can apply at the place you earn your paycheck, though it took him quite a while to finally arrive at a place of reorganized priorities. After a successful career in the automotive industry, he now works for a chain of theme parks, Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation, which owns many properties, run the operations for others, and have a consulting role in still more.

Though published under the imprint of Zondervan, a company better known for Bibles, Bible study guides, Christian living books and Christian fiction titles; this is really a business book; with a chapter organization scheme that management types will relate to, and a review section that will bring you back to the book months or even years later.

But because most of in the Western world have been to Christian weddings where “Love is patient, love is kind…” was part of the ceremony, this makes a good bridge title to give to someone who might not yet consider cracking the pages of anything else Zondervan publishes.

And the ‘gold’ of this book is that a hands-on, caring management philosophy is infectious and can have a positive influence on the bottom line.

With Father’s Day just weeks away, I can’t think of a better gift for the aspiring CEO, COO or CFO in your circle of contacts than a copy of Love Works, even if the workplace in question is family-run or even home-based.

While Love Works is light on scripture and not at all preachy, read an excerpt from a later chapter of the book at Christianity 201.

A copy of Love Works was given to Paul Wilkinson by HarperCollins Canada


With this being graduation season, I want to get the message about this title out there for that person transitioning from high school to college, or from college into life.

Awake: Discover The Power of Your Story, by Joel N. Clark (paperback, Zondervan) is one of the more interesting books you’ll watch in a long time. Yes, I know;

  • You read books
  • You watch movies

But that’s not the case here. In addition to containing a variety of black and white drawings and photographs, Awake is liberally sprinkled with QR codes that allow you to use your smart phone to watch the drama as the story unfolds.

And drama, frankly is what this book is all about. Joel’s adventures in Haiti, South Africa, and other places; have been, for lack of a better word, adventurous. If you can’t think of a reason for doing something, Joel suggests doing it for the story you’ll be able to tell afterward (though if the person you want to give a graduation book to is already daring and a little reckless, this may be like pouring gasoline on a fire!)

And really, Joel isn’t always interested in the story he’ll be able to tell, as much as the story he will be able to film, since that is the lens (pun intentional) through which he views the world, and what has taken him into some rather interesting situations. 

Joel carefully gives his readers practical advice from a Christian perspective, without being preachy. If someone you know has been away from church for a time, or is distant from God right now, I think this would work well.

Don’t have a smart phone? There are website addresses under each QR code where you can go to watch the same clips. Here’s a sample.

A copy of Awake was given to Paul Wilkinson by HarperCollins Canada

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