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Monday Marketing Musing

I know the people at Kregel are trying to market this Bible study to women…

The letter of 1 Peter was heard by women who knew times like these. This newest addition to the Sue Edwards Inductive Bible Study series digs into 1 Peter and takes a look at the stories of real women–past and present–to teach today’s woman how to stand faithful to God regardless of her trials, however severe.

Women today need Bible study to keep balanced, focused, and Christ-centered in their busy worlds. The study questions in this guide allow readers to choose the study level that fits their lifestyle. To provide even more flexibility, readers may pick a different level each week, depending on their schedule. Whatever level of study they choose, women will find fresh solutions and hope to help them overcome obstacles so they can experience victory when discouragement takes hold.

…but I still find the cover somewhat disturbing.  Seriously, how many women in the study group can live up to the image the cover photo projects?  And how does the red-blooded American male pastor who was simply collecting study guides on I Peter explain this choice to his wife? 

“No, really honey; you look better than her.”

  1. February 20, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    That sound you just heard was Mark Driscoll’s head exploding.

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