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Max Lucado Focused Social Media Push Next Friday

The timing was perfect.

The book arrived just before we took off for a few days of R&R away from telephones and computers.    Actually, it’s the longest — 78 hours in all — I’ve been away from the internet in two years.

For the first day, my constant companion was Outlive your Life by Max Lucado.   Like other social media who received a free copy — mostly bloggers and Facebook types — I’m expected to hold my review for Friday, September 10th.

But for booksellers who are wondering if M.L. has gotten to be ‘old hat,’ let me say, that (a) I think the guy’s still got it; and (b) I think his message of social concern is very current and very needed.

There’s a theory in the world of the arts — books, music, television, theatre, etc. — that the cream rises to the top. I’d be listed as a subscriber to that theory.   It was not my intention to finish the book in a day.   I finished it within six hours.

So what makes Max tick?   Or more accurately, what makes a Max Lucado book click with readers?

  • Biblical message with supporting scriptures
  • Easy going, non-preachy writing style
  • Broad world view based on contacts and travel outside of the western world (especially helpful with this topic)
  • Illustrative original fiction stories
  • Practical illustrations from the lives of people he knows

It would be easy for him to rest on his laurels; to assume that his body of writing has reached critical mass and he can just write anything.   But he obviously is trying to better his own personal best with each new title.

I’m not sure how much of that I’ll put in my review next Friday, but booksellers might want to take a look at the ancillary product that goes along with this title, listed in the back pages of the book itself:

  • Small group DVD
  • DVD participants guide
  • low cost booklet Live to Make a Difference
  • gift book You Changed My Life
  • children’s book One Hand, Two Hands
  • Spanish edition
  • music CD (songs inspired by the book series)
  • Spanish music CD
  • youth book You Were Made to Make a Difference (with daughter Jenna)
  • youth curriculum from BluefishTV
  • adult curriculum from Lifeway (for churches for whom it’s Lifeway or nothing)
  • perpetual calendar from Dayspring
  • personal journal from Dayspring
  • international edition ITPE (if you’re in the U.S. don’t worry what the letters mean)

That’s a lot of related product.   No ball caps or  T-shirts a la his 3:16 title, but still an impressive list of product.

There’s a connection between the media avalanche on September 10th and an original street date of September 14th,  but CBD and Ingram alike are shipping product now, with Ingram not noting a particular lay-down date.

Booksellers:  Promote this book in both your Lucado section and your social justice category.

Trivia time:  It’s Loo-CAY-Doe with a long “A” vowel sound, not Loo-CAH-Doe.    And the nomenclature seems to be “Outlive” not “Out Live” despite the cover art.

  1. Rick Brown
    September 5, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    I agree–it is one of Max’s best writings to date. And it should be mentioned that all author royalties are going to World Vision and a couple of other charities. Max is leading by example as well as through his pen (or laptop as the case may be).

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