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Complaint Filed Against David C. Cook UK

All Phil Groom wanted was the courtesy of a reply from Kingsway Music UK, or its parent company, David C. Cook UK.    A reply, and to have his complaint about price comparisons on the Kingsway website taken seriously.

Phil presides over UK Christian Book Shop Blog; a blog with some similarities to this one, and many differences.   He works in the industry at an academic Christian bookstore.   He is passionate about the industry and has provided us with continuing coverage of the rapid sequence of events that have taken place there in the last few months.

In England, the next step is to escalate the complaint to the UK Office of Fair Trading.

You can catch up on this story at:

Or if you’re familiar with the story so far, check out today’s post:

I really appreciate Phil’s willingness to step up and advocate for stores hurt by the price confusion on the Kingsway site, and also advocating for consumers who are being led to think they are receiving some kind of discounted price.

When suppliers won’t listen, sometimes a government agency like the OFT is all you have.
JULY 29 UPDATE from Phil:

Anyone who has visited the Kingswayshop.com will notice a small victory for us.

Gone are the “Our Price” “RRP” and “You Save” boxes on the pages of most products.

Gone are the bogus “Pre-Order” Discounts.

Replaced simply with a “Web Price” and, nothing else.

Continue reading here.

  1. July 28, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    Thanks Paul. Ours is a most peculiar industry where Christian ethics and ideals seem to be sacrificed on the altar of commercial advantage. Very sad.

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