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Jeff Lucas and Adrian Plass Team Up; Seriously!

I’d rather wait for a review copy, but I can’t hold back: Two of my favorite UK authors have teamed up for a title they call Seriously Funny. The Authentic Media paperback is due to touch down on this side of the Atlantic on June 8th.

Jeff Lucas writes the Lucas On Life devotionals that many Canadian stores carry alongside the classic Every Day With Jesus devotionals by Selwyn Hughes;  CWR titles distributed here by David C. Cook.   Of course, Lucas has written books, too; and is best known to USA readers for Will Your Prodigal Come Home? from Zondervan.

And Adrian Plass, I can’t write enough about.    You can start with this profile I wrote about him at my personal blog in May of 2009.   His dry British wit is best known in North America because of a little number called The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass… which caught on here despite its title being derived from yet another UK general market teen fiction book.

So here’s the premise of Seriously Funny:

A little while ago, concerned that the next time they got together, one of them would be in a coffin, Jeff Lucas and Adrian Plass decided to start exchanging letters – and this book is the result.    Breathtakingly honest, Seriously Funny is a celebration of 21st century Christianity – as well as a no-holds barred expose of its sillier side. And they are equally hard on themselves – their most embarrassing moments are a joy to read.

If anyone at Biblica/STL is reading this, I really hope to get a review copy of this to cover on my other blog.   In the meantime, retailers should consider this title; especially Canadian stores who were in the area where Adrian toured last spring.

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