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Teens Encouraged to Dream Big, Make a Difference

There’s a new genre of books emerging, aimed mostly at young adults, encouraging them to consider doing things on a global scale and inventing ministry opportunities that have heretofore never existed.

A few days ago here, we looked at Alex and Brett Harris’ new title, Start Here, which is the sequel to Do Hard Things.   Many of our stores also continue to stock Be The Change by Zach Hunter as well as his Generations Change and the newly-released Lose Your Cool.

Today, we want to introduce you to Austin Gutwein, who at age nine (not a typo) started an organization called Hoops of Hope which builds schools, dorms and water projects for children in Africa orphaned by AIDS.   If there’s a teenager nearby, call them over to watch this 7-minute clip with you:

(If time is a factor, this clip is shorter, thought not as well produced.)

Here is the actual 90-second preview for the book Take Your Best Shot (Thomas Nelson, 2009 paperback) which doesn’t compare to watching the above documentary and shows a promotional video can actually miss the mark in telling a book’s story.

Promotional copies of books featured in video links at Christian Book Shop Talk are generally not provided by the publishers.   Books chosen are selected as having greatest potential impact in the Christian bookstore market.

Bonus link:  Here’s a longer, 9-minute, 700 Club piece on Zach Hunter.  Make sure youth in your area have access to these books.

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