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Eric Wright Releases Second Suspense Novel

Yesterday, for the better part of an hour, I had a visit from Canadian author Eric Wright as we discussed both of his two new books, and the challenges facing Canadian authors when compared with the American Christian book marketing ‘machine.’    Product awareness is key, and hand-selling of new titles by staff becomes a necessity; difficult when there are so many products and so many stores using part time staff.

Actually, Eric is the most local of any local authors I carry, a better caption for the book’s facing would read, “Hometown Author.”   That is sometimes complicated, since some local authors refer all sales to our bookstore, while Eric usually goes the route of having a number of pre-release events before the books reach our shop, which means we don’t see all the local interest firsthand.  But conversely, if someone arrives from out-of-town, how can I not have a local writer’s products?

Still, I think that Captives of Minara is a viable consideration for any store if only because we get so many one-off fiction titles in Canada, whereas this book is the second in the Josh Radley suspense series, a sequel to The Lightning File; and both individual consumers and church library buyers are more likely to buy books in a series.

Captives is also one of two finalists in its category in the upcoming Word Guild Awards, taking place in Toronto on June 16th.   Here’s the 411 on the plot summary from the author’s webpage:

Journalist Josh Radley reluctantly travels to Pakistan—scene of a childhood trauma—at a time when its fragile democracy faces enormous challenges from militant Islamism. Instead of covering terrorism, Josh is commissioned to write about the glories of Pakistan’s ancient past. He arrives at the excavation of a 4500 year old Indus civilization city in the desert between India and Pakistan. Josh, his daughter Janice and wife Stephanie expect heat and dust but are unprepared to deal with sabotage, theft, kidnapping, and murder.

Josh’s investigations expose a brutal gang willing to smuggle anything for money, including women and children whom they consign to a life of slavery. Josh must first put to rest nightmares from a trauma experienced during his childhood as a missionary kid in Pakistan. Then he must restore intimacy to his marriage and come to grips with the criminal mastermind who threatens his family.

The book immerses the reader in Pakistani culture at a time when we all desperately need to understand that country. The action races from the site of an ancient city buried in the desert, along canals that crisscross the countryside, through the bazaars of a Pakistani town, onto a first class carriage on the fabled Khyber Mail express train to Lahore.

That’s a long way from the Ontario-based locations in the first novel, with its references to the Don Valley Parkway and other Toronto locales.

You can read more about that title at Eric Wright’s website, Country Window – Captives.   Trade orders go through Word Alive in Winnipeg, Canada or Ingram/Spring Arbor (who hopefully will put Lightning File back into stock as well.)

On the non-fiction side, Eric has just released A Practical Theology of Missions: Dispelling the Mystery, Recovering the Passion. This 350-page book from Day One Publishing is also available to trade through Ingram/Spring Arbor in the U.S. and Sola Scriptura in Canada, and also available in the UK.   More information is available at Country Window – Missions.

From either link you can click the home page to learn more about the author and his seven other titles. You may also have two of Eric’s shorter pieces in stock if you carry the Canadian Christian writers’ anthology, Hot Apple Cider.

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