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Random Acts of Information

  • PEOPLE IN PLACES YOU’RE NOT EXPECTING THEM — Bill Hybels as the Commencement speaker at ORU?   Michael Tait of DC Talk joining the Newsboys?   Both are true.   Check out my personal blog and then link to the stories here.
  • THE REALITIES OF SMALL TOWN CHRISTIAN STORES — I often speak of Cobourg and Brockville, ON as being small town markets, but there are people faithfully serving in markets smaller than ours.  Yesterday I spent about 40 minutes visiting with Betty who 14 months ago started The Rock Christian Books in Napanee, ON.   She has a good selection of books for the size of her market, including some good bargain items.   When traveling, it’s good to take a few minutes to encourage other stores, or perhaps, be encouraged.
  • SHACK SALES HAVE PEAKED — Yesterday, The Shack didn’t make the top 100 at all on Spring Arbor.    Daily demand can be more widely variable than weekly or monthly statistics, but Love Dare seems to own the top spot now just about every day.
  • gpsTELL ME WHERE YOUR STORE IS, BUT DON’T GIVE ME DIRECTIONS — We got the 2009 brochure last month for Elim Lodge, a Christian resort north of Peterborough, and there, below the traditional directions, were the GPS coordinates.    Do you know the GPS location of your store if someone asks?   According to CapeLinks, my Cobourg store is -78.1727202,43.9758635,0    Hmmm.   Try giving that out over the phone…   Our Brockville store is -75.6896582,44.6017947,0 — I’m gonna need a big piece of paper to write that next to the phone.  Does your church know their GPS address if someone asks?
  • STUFF CHRISTIANS LIKE MARKS ONE YEAR — Take a break now and then from the busyness and enjoy this site if you haven’t already.   In one year, it’s become the #3 Christian Blog according to Church Relevance’s list of the Top 60 Christian Blogs.    Ever insightful, Thursday’s post dealt with the way we crane our necks toward the sound booth when the audio gets messed up at church.   BTW, reading blogs is a good window into future trends and somewhat younger customers.
  • TALK POINTS 1 — In your area, are people saving or spending?   Are you feeling the effects of the economic downturn or is it business as usual?
  • TALK POINTS 2 — Are there pastoral vacancies in churches in your area?   Do these transitional periods have any impact on the mission of your store?
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